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To capture this unique moment in history, Phi Beta Kappa New York has decided to create a virtual time capsule that represents the experiences of our membership. On this page, we have photos and advice from members, essay contest winners from the Young Professionals' Recent Inductee Essay Contest, and highlights from our virtual events throughout the year. Join our trip down memory lane as we highlight the silver linings of these quarantine months.

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Tiffany Martos, University At Buffalo (SUNY) 2020 (Time Capsule Submission)

I learned that it's never too late to pursue a dream, to achieve a goal of any size.

Marisa Bianco, New York University 2020
(Essay Contestant Semi-Finalist)

I find it strange how after someone dies, we think, “How can they be gone? They were just here?”

Sandra Sturtz Hauss, Hunter College 1965
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: Yonkers, New York 

I rarely get bored, even under normal circumstances.

Julie Wosk, Washington University in St. Louis 1966
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: New York, New York 

My new book put together during quarantine:  Playboy,  Mad Men, and Me--And Other Stories.  

Amanda Schwartz, University of Maryland College Park 2015
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: Northern New Jersey 

My Quarantine Medicine: Adopting a Pandemic Puppy!

Ryan Chen, New York University 2020
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: Cupertino, CA 

A collage of all my favorite things.

Meagan Odette, SUNY Geneseo 2020
(Time Capsule Submission)

These are all pictures I've taken on my (many) walks around Queens.

Sasha Pezenik, Hofstra University 2020
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: Queens, NY 

For the first time in my life I went hiking along the Hudson River!

Janika Berridge, The College of New Jersey 2013
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: Jersey City, New Jersey 

The pandemic sent me home from Indonesia

Claire Fisher, Boston College 2012
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: Hasbrouck Heights & Wood-Ridge, NJ 

April: My kitchen table became a homegrown mask-making operation

Demi Moore, Hunter College 2019
(Essay Contestant Semi-Finalist)

I’d much prefer to not be making history.

Nkiru Anyaegbunam, Hunter College 2020
(Essay Contestant Semi-Finalist)

The history of the world is filled with violence.

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