PBKNY has launched applications for our new Mentorship Program! 


Do you have personal experiences to share after 10 years in your industry? Are you looking to connect with a fellow Phi Beta Kappa member about career goals? Are you looking to find out more about how to progress in your field? 

Now more than ever, connection and relationship fostering can be key drivers of personal growth, learning, and career development. And to facilitate this, PBKNY has launched a new Mentorship Program for members. Whether you are interested in becoming a Mentor and/or Mentee, as part of our new program, we are going to try our best to be helpful 'yentas' (matchmakers) and find you a match!


Led by Amanda Schwartz, YP Vice Chair of Mentorship Program, we will host a six month program starting this Fall 2020 (planned for October) wherein participants engage in real talk and have a rewarding experience learning and mentoring.

We will facilitate the matchmaking; we will make the matches, help guide participants with conversation points, send out reminders, and do progress check-ins from time to time.

We hope that over time, Mentees who have finished the program with rewarding mentorships will feel confident in becoming Mentors themselves, and can help other Association members find their way.

Interested in learning more?  Please contact us at <>

Note: To apply you must be a dues paying PBKNY member. You can register or renew your membership here.

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