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The PBKNY Mentorship Program was established in 2020 with the goal of providing a space for our members learn from each other, expand their networks, and grow from their mentorship experience.

Our inaugural cohort launched in November 2020 and formally ended in April 2021.  Our second cohort ran from October 2021 and ended in March 2022.  Our third cohort will started in March 2023 and will end in September 2023.  Our fourth cohort will launch later in 2023/early 2024.

In between cohorts and throughout the year, we encourage members interested in reaching PBKNY members in their industry to utilize our PBKNY LinkedIn Page to connect with fellow members.

Check out this Key Reporter article featuring our program here!


Interested in learning more?  Please contact us at <>.


Note: To participate you must be a dues paying* PBKNY member. You can register or renew your membership here.

*Dues are waved for members inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in the past year.  We are also understanding if you have a financial hardship.  Please write to us if this is the case or mention it in your application.

Program Materials


The below document is intended to help guide participants through our program.  With this tool in hand and support from the Mentorship Committee, we are hopeful that each participant will build a meaningful relationship that is helpful to their unique journey. 

Concluding The Match

The below document should be used to guide participants through the end of their formal mentorship match. 

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