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Sandra Sturtz Hauss, Hunter College 1965
(Time Capsule Submission)

Quarantine Location: Yonkers, New York 

     I rarely get bored, even under normal circumstances. At the beginning of the quarantine I found it liberating to have nowhere I had to be. As a retiree and minor poet (operative word minor), I had become involved in so many activities that having the time to reflect, read, write, binge-watch series and movies, spend time with my husband and cats, meet friends in the park or someone's backyard, play online Scrabble all were welcome diversions. We did observe all the cautionary rules to stay well.

     Now, with stores reopened, restaurants serving outdoors, and with Zoom meetings (book clubs, poetry study group, meditation classes, poetry critiquing group, Women’s club, film series discussions) in full bloom, I feel pretty fulfilled. We’ve even managed to celebrate birthdays with friends either in someone’s backyard, an outdoor restaurant, and even a parking lot. I love doing the New York Times puzzles online and reading the articles/op-ed comments. We have taken a lot of walks, including at a local nature center, and there’s been a lot of group texting and shared laughter. There are days I despair about ever getting our Broadway and New York Philharmonic back the way we enjoyed them pre-pandemic, and there are days when food shopping is the major activity, but I feel grateful that we are getting through this in the best way possible, grateful we've been able to see family members and friends (masked and socially distanced) and to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with people we care about.

My advice? Keep busy! It lifts your spirits and helps time pass more quickly and creatively.

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