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PBKNY Diversity & Inclusion Event

  • Join the PBKNY Diversity & Inclusion Committee on Monday, May 23rd at 7PM for "Asian Americans and the Labor Movement: A (Work)Force to be Reckoned With."

  • In this moderated discussion, three panelists will discuss issues faced by the AAPI workforce and insights into the future based on their roles in labor and employment. 

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Book Club

PBKNY COVID-19 Relief Initiative

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On April 18, 2021, PBKNY held it's first COVID-sations information session. This public event featured a discussion of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, variants, and the vaccine. There was a follow-up on June 27, 2021 to provide updates and explore the ways in which women have disproportionately faced pandemic-related challenges. 

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The Young Professionals have newly designed webpages by Lexi Eisert, Vice Chair of Marketing and Communications!

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Annual Scholarships

We award annual scholarships to graduating seniors of New York City community colleges. Details here

Mentorship Program

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Young Professionals Network
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Pandemic Assistance and Volunteer Opportunity

The PBKNY Young Professionals launched an initiative that pairs volunteers with members who have questions about the vaccine. 

If you are a PBKNY member who needs booster vaccine assistance: 


Register here for information or assistance!

If you are a YP and/or PBKNY member interested in volunteering:


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If you are a PBKNY member who requires other COVID-19 assistance:


Do you need assistance getting groceries, learning to use Zoom, alleviating social isolation, or anything else? Register here to let us know how we can best support you!