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Book Club

PBK Networking Events


  • PBKNY: Our Key Connections will have two components - an in-person casual meet-up and our virtual Annual Meeting.

  • Register for our in-person NYC meet-up on Sunday, October 3 here and for the Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 14 here.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

  • Join us on Wednesday, October 6 at 7PM for "The Insular Cases: Rights and Representation in the U.S. Territories," led by ACLU Racial Justice Program senior attorney Alejandro Ortiz.

  • Registration for this event here.

PBKNY COVID-19 Relief Initiative

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On April 18, 2021, PBKNY held it's first COVID-sations information session. This public event featured a discussion of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, variants, and the vaccine. The event was followed up on June 27, 2021, to provide updates and to explore the ways in which women have disproportionately faced pandemic-related challenges. 

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Annual Scholarships

We award annual scholarships to graduating seniors of New York City community colleges. Details here


Details here

Young Professionals of PBKNY
Details here

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”

--Mark Twain

On January 7, 2021, Members of The Board of Directors of The Phi Beta Kappa New York Association released a statement regarding the political violence in Washington, D.C. Please see the attached statement to the left.

"We stand united with members of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community, and all those who experience prejudice, hate crimes, terror, and threats."

On March 19, 2021, Members of The Board of Directors of The Phi Beta Kappa New York Association released a statement condemning bigotry and racist attacks in the wake of the murders in Atlanta. Please see the statement to the left, which includes readings and resources.

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Are you a Phi Beta Kappa Member? Is it time to renew your dues? You can do so here.


Interested in becoming a part of the Phi Beta Kappa New York Association? Learn more here.

Vaccination Registration, Volunteer Opportunity, and Pandemic Assistance

Eligible New Yorkers can now walk into New York State Mass Vaccination sites and most pharmacies to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Some pharmacies still require appointments. If you have questions about the vaccine or need assistance scheduling a vaccine appointment, we can help. The PBKNY Young Professionals launched a COVID-19 initiative that will pair volunteers with eligible members who have questions or wish to schedule a vaccine date. 

If you are a PBKNY member who needs vaccine assistance: 

If you would like to receive information on walk-in vaccination sites or be guided through the process of securing a vaccination date, register here.

If you are a YP and/or PBKNY member interested in volunteering:

Register here to become a volunteer!

If you are a PBKNY member who requires any additional COVID-19 related assistance:

We want to hear how we can best support our members! Do you need assistance getting groceries, learning to use Zoom, alleviating social isolation, or anything else? Register here to let us know.